- Mujinga: Creative writing in English. (16:30 - 18:30)
An interactive session discussing various ways to write text for zines. We'll get into the motivation for writing zines, discuss perzines and go further into the future. We will aim to make a zine this evening from scratch. Pens, paper, typewriters and copy machines are available, but also bring your favourite writing tools.
> http://mujinga.net/zine.html
To apply to this workshop email: spaceman@mujinga.net

- Idris van Heffen: Do the Werkman. (15:30 - 17:30)
The Dutch graphic artist and printer Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman born in 1882 in the North of the Netherlands, is known for his colourful graphics playfully named ‘Druksels’ (literally translated ‘pressings’). In 20 years time Werkman produced over 2000 ‘Druksels’ until he was executed by the Germans near the end of World War II.
In ‘Do the Werkman’ workshop we will explore the graphic cut-out and stencil techniques Werkman used for his ‘Druksels’ and produce never seen before zines.
> http://idrisvanheffen.nl
To apply to this workshop email: idrisvanheffen@gmail.com

- Mark Prendergast: Mask. (17:45 - 19:45)
A visual exploration into photocopier techniques, with your face. Using various shapes to ‘mask’ out areas of the copier, participants will squish their faces on to the glass to create colourful, abstract, geometric, distorted, ’mask’ portraits. We will investigate some of the various image-making techniques possible on a copier, specifically masking and overprinting.
> http://www.markprendergast.co.uk
To apply to this workshop email: mail@markprendergast.co.uk
- Gino van Weenen: Creative writing in Dutch. (15:30 - 17:30)
Looking for some inspiration or want to kickstart your text? Look no further, Gino van Weenen will take you from white plains to filled out manuscripts in less than 90 minutes. With some easy to follow instructions he will hand you the words to fill in your emptiness both on paper and in life. Writing will never be the same and your zine will have some exciting stories to boot.
> http://ginovanweenen.com/
To apply to this workshop: whiterabbit.creatives@gmail.com

- Patricia de Sousa: Misprint-it. (15:30 - 17:30)
Misprint-it is a Rotterdam-based platform working with artists’ books, performance and sound. Most of the gatherings take place as workshops where the main idea is to encourage participants to develop ‘book concepts’ departing from the most varied materials and techniques.
> http://www.misprint-it.org/
To apply to this workshop email: info@misprint-it.org

- Florian Cramer (15:30 - 17:30)
Zines don't need be printed matters, but can also be electronic. Since the 1980s, subcultural electronic zines ("e-zines") have been published and spread via computer networks, floppy disks and USB sticks. They are based on the same ethos as print zines: personal or community-oriented, small, DIY, made with simple means. In this workshop, we'll explore a number of ways of making an electronic zine - from the classical ASCII plain text zine to simple but clever technologies like single-HTML-file zines.
To apply to this workshop email: fcramer@pleintekst.nl

- ReKult: ONE PAGE = ONE ZINE (17:45 - 19:45)
Have you ever wanted to produce your own little booklets, but did not know where to start?
Then this is the perfect workshop for you! Learn how to produce a mini or mega zine in the easiest and cheapest possible way... Join Giusy and Daniela for some inspiring tips, fun and creative swirl!
> www.facebook.com/rekult.org
To apply to this workshop email: zine@rekult.org

15:00-15:45. Mujinga shares his research and fascinating stories about Rotterdam squat and zine culture in the early 2000s. A great insight into some Rotterdam underground movements that have largely been forgotten about. Featuring zines such as Alt.Rotter, Link, Rotzooi, Trammelant and Using Space. Visual presentation!
14:45 - 15:30. Talk about project Bibliotheca (Yoana Buzova, André Castro, Max Dovey, Michaela Lakova, Roel Roscam Abbing, Lasse van den Bosch Christensen). Bibliotecha is a framework to facilitate the local distribution of digital publications within a small community. It relies on a microcomputer running open-source software to serve books over a local wifi hotspot. Using the browser to connect to the library one can retrieve or donate texts. Bibliotecha proposes an alternative model of distribution of digital texts that allows specific communities to form and share their own collections.
- Open tables! Place to make zines and share knowledge. This will be scattered throughout the WORM venue. Basic materials will be available (A4 + A3 paper, scissors, markers, pens, 2 x A3 B+W copy machines, laser printer, rulers, stanley knives, staplers, glue, cutting mats). But if you have special needs, please bring them along with you.
- XXL Zine. A life size zine installation that is open and collaborative. Visitor are encouraged to contribute to this massive zine.

- Zine forest by Rekult. A hanging zine exhibition where participants and visitors can hang up their zine as well!
- Underbelly. Formerly the WORMSHOP.
- Conversas Publications will be shown.
- Zineclub
- Thomas Walskaar
- Ines Ferreira

ZINE CAMP 2014. Video and photo documentation from Florian Cramer.
Zines are DIY periodicals, traditionally self-published on printed format. They've been published by science-fiction, music and soccer fans, political dissenters, activists, or just people who want to share ideas or aspects of their personal life. Most zines are grassroots products of underground, fringe or alternative publishing and distribution and have been largely ignored by mainstream publishing. However, this is by no means restrictive to what a zine can be. Experimentation with form, technical execution, concept, or (ideological) function is more than welcome to open up the possibilities of what a zine can be today.
Facebook event page
Link to last years website
We are looking for participants to show / sell zines or self-published books on available tables (for free!). We are open to interesting installation ideas.

If you can’t make it on the day you can send in your zine for the zine forest, a hanging zine exhibition where visitors can hang up their zines as well!

Van Speykstraat 8
3014 VK Rotterdam
the Netherlands


More photos here
........................ SUNDAY 10 MAY ........................
....................... SATURDAY 9 MAY ........................
- Zinefest Berlin: Jes Walsh
- Maurice van es
- Rekult, Amsterdam
- Killer Magazine, Amsterdam
20:30-21:30 Conversas Rotterdam will present its publications at Zine Camp as well as publications created by participating Conversadores. Conversas is a series of weekly informal meetings made so that we can get to know and discuss projects and interests. Everyone is welcome and entrance is free. Every ten Conversas, a publication is made. This works as an archive of all participants’ content within the scope of Conversas. It is an object-memory of all these encounters, conversations and people. Conversas was initiated in Lisbon by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes, in 2012. Nowadays, it's a project of many people and cities. www.conversas.net
....................... SATURDAY 9 MAY ........................
19:45-20:20. Ulises Soriano talks about La Fanzinoteca, a self-managed project based in Barcelona. Half way between a collection, an archive and a space for consultation, it’s inspired by amateurism and devotion for the world of fanzines and micro publications.http://www.fanzinoteca.net/
..................... SUNDAY 10 MAY ......................
19:45 - 20:30.PrintRoom: Zine Campfire stories
For the last event of Zine Camp, Sunday 10th May 19:45 - 21:00, PrintRoom will organise a 'campfire story' session of selected bits from zines that have been produced during the course of Zine Camp. Furthermore PrintRoom will bring a selection from their own collection. This is a good reason to stay until the end for this cosy round of Campfire stories.